Smedbo Bathroom Accessories ( Sideline Shower Baskets )

This range of flexible shower and bath baskets answers a functional need in a very stylish way. Our SIDELINE series consists of stylish shower baskets that combine form and function. All products are made of a brass or stainless steel. With a shower basket in the bathroom, you can enjoy the warm water and have hair products and soap close at hand. You’ll make the most of your shower space and get a stylish decorative feature in the bargain. Smedbo offers a wide range of shower baskets in large and small sizes, with baskets in one, two and three levels. Smedbo has shower baskets for every need, taste and bathroom – if you need a shower basket that attaches with glue, hangs over the shower screen, attaches to the shower mixer or in corners – then we have something for you.

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